Other Residence Halls

Angell, Coate, Drake, Hutch, Laux, Sanford, Wentz, White

Sustainable Features:

Recycling: All residence halls include move-in and out recycling bins along with in-room recycling. Additionally all dorms have hydration stations that curtail disposable water bottle usage. Through the continued use of these, residence halls have curbed waste output.

Energy Efficiency: All residence halls have switched to low wattage lamps for  greater energy efficient lighting and to reduce overall carbon footprint. Along with these, all residence halls have new steam traps that have enriched sustainable growth.

Green Cleaning: LEED certified buildings use a Concentrate 118 for cleaning (a mixture with vinegar). This product avoids harsh chemicals and is considered a "green" product. A lower concentrate is used for general cleaning areas like tables whereas bathrooms use a higher concentrated mix of Concentrate 118.

Other non-LEED certified buildings are adjusting to include fewer products with harsh chemicals and trying to "go green" when it comes to buying cleaners. Cleaners used in these buildings, in particular the residence halls, use a peroxide concentrate for general cleaning. 

Resident Halls allow students to check out green cleaning products to clean their dorms to encourage non-harsh cleaning supplies and to limit consumption and waste on campus. 

Envirox is one of the brands of "green" cleaning products used on campus
Envirox is one of the brands of "green" cleaning products used on campus